June 28, 2023 by Jack

The Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen

Whether you have a streamlined skincare regimen or you’re a multi-step man, one product that should never be overlooked is sunscreen. Sure, you can rock a pair of shades and a hat, but nothing beats a generous application of SPF if you really want to know how to protect your skin from the sun. 

What does sunscreen do? There are two different types of protection. Physical (mineral) sunscreen harnesses the power of ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to block and scatter UVA and UVB rays. Chemical sunscreen contains ingredients like avobenzone and octisalate, which absorb UV rays before they can damage your skin.

Should you wear sunscreen every day? You betcha. Daily use is a surefire way to prevent short- and long-term sun damage — even if it’s cloudy. In case you need more convincing, here are nine benefits that make applying SPF a no-brainer. 

1. Protects From Sunburn

UVB rays are responsible for sunburn. Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from burning, which can lead to wrinkles and discoloration. More than one out of every three Americans reports getting sunburned each year. Sunburn indicates overexposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays, a significant cause of skin cancer — which leads us to our next point. 

2. Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in the United States, with five million people treated yearly. Wearing sunscreen can help to reduce your risk of developing skin cancer, especially if you are frequently exposed to the sun. Every year, there are more than 63,000 new cases of melanoma —  the deadliest form of skin cancer — resulting in nearly 9,000 deaths.

3. Prevents Photoaging

Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. It helps protect your skin from developing the signs of premature aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and dry skin. While getting older is inevitable, sunscreen and aging (prevention) go hand-in-hand. 

4. Protects Against UVA and UVB Rays

Whether you choose a physical or chemical sunscreen (check out our tips for picking out the best SPF), the formula must offer broad-spectrum protection, which means your skin is protected from both UVA (ultraviolet) and UVB (ultraviolet B) rays. To be clear, UVA rays have a longer wavelength and are associated with skin aging. In contrast, UVB rays have a shorter wavelength and are correlated with skin burning — so you need to be safeguarded from both.

5. Moisturizes

Does sunscreen moisturize? It can. Some sunscreens also contain moisturizing agents that help to keep your skin hydrated, which can help to keep your skin looking younger. For example, Jack Black Dual Defense™ Face Moisturizer 100% Mineral Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is a mineral sunscreen featuring broad spectrum SPF 30. This weightless, oil-free sunscreen and daily moisturizer provides hydration and protection from UVA and UVB exposure with a transparent finish and no chemical filters. It’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to deliver superior hydration, while organic Cranberry, Rosemary, and Green Tea provide antioxidant protection. 

Jack Black  Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 is the #1 best sunscreen for men. This lightweight, emollient formula that provides lasting hydration and helps improve the skin’s overall appearance. Broad-spectrum SPF 20 (Avobenzone and Octinoxate) with antioxidants help protect the skin from the damaging effects of environmental stress–including UV light, blue light, and pollution.

Since the sun dries the skin, apply a men's body moisturizer such as Reserve Hydrating Body Lotion to replenish lost moisture. Use after showering or anytime your skin feels dry. Apply generously all over the body, especially to excessively rough/dry areas like elbows, knees, and feet.

6. Controls Inflammation

Sun exposure can cause redness and inflammation and exacerbate skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis. Wearing sunscreen daily can help prevent these side effects while maintaining a more even-colored skin tone. 

7. Protects the Body From Assault

When our skin becomes damaged from the sun, our cells aren’t as effective in distinguishing and attacking threats to the immune system. This makes it harder for the body to ward off disease while slowing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Since sunscreen helps protect the skin from UV damage, this helps keep our immune system in tip-top shape.

8. Provides Versatility

There are numerous sunscreen formulas on the market, so there’s something for everyone. As mentioned, there are sunscreens with moisturizing properties like Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. A formula such as our Performance Remedy Oil-Free Sun Guard SPF 45 is a better option for those with an active lifestyle. This oil-free, vitamin-enriched, water- and sweat-resistant lotion offers superior broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection and absorbs quickly without greasy or heavy residue. Formulated for extreme conditions, Sun Guard forms a barrier of protection and stays on during intense physical activity in and out of the water — and it won't run or drip into the eyes.

There’s even SPF for your lips, which are often overlooked regarding sun protection. Our Lip Balm Sunscreen is an emollient balm enriched with superior skin conditioners and antioxidants that relieve dry, chapped, irritated lips. Unlike waxy sticks, Intense Therapy Lip Balm quickly penetrates for instant relief. SPF 25 offers optimum sun protection while guarding against windburn and extreme temperatures.

Now that you know about the incredible benefits of sunscreen, how could you not include it in your daily routine? Don't let the sun get the best of you. It only takes a couple of extra minutes to apply SPF —  get your Jack Black sunscreen today!