September 27, 2016 by Jack

It’s time we bid a delightful farewell to the smell of summer showers evaporating from baking blacktops—and welcome with open arms the scent of decaying leaves (and pumpkin spice lattes) lingering in the cooler, drier air. But what about your personal scent?

Let’s not mince words: there’s a direct correlation between how good you smell and your desirability among potential mates. So picking a scent is serious business. Some guys go through years of trial and error to try to find a signature scent, while others switch fragrances like outfits. While we like to think there’s a balance to strike here, we nonetheless offer the following scents for your consideration.

JB™ Eau De Parfum

Crafted to appeal to the complex tastes of the modern gentleman, JB™ — with notes of sparkling citrus and warm, comfortable woods — is great to keep as an anytime fragrance. Consisting of 18% essential oils, this classic lasts as long as the night requires. Perfect anytime fragrance to keep on standby or to keep for nights out on the town.

Blue Mark

Guys who prefer “fresh” fragrances will love the infusion of top notes of Blue Mark™ comprising elements of Watermint, Cilantro, and Bergamot with Japanese Juniper, Ginger Essence, Patchouli, and Driftwood. Great for daily wear any time of year, but especially spring and summer.

Silver Mark™

Smooth peppery notes of geranium and pimento combine with Ceylon Cardamom and Wild Cypress — finished with Cedarwood and Amber — to create a scent that’s elegant, yet uncomplicated. Silver Mark™ is perfect for daily use or for special occasions.

Black Mark™

Fan favorite Black Mark™ is the warmer, more sensual companion to our Silver Mark™ fragrance. Kashmir Saffron, Coriander and Black Pepper provide warmth and sensuality; Red Cedarwood and hints of Leather lend richness and sophistication. Great for a signature scent and for black-tie affairs.

All-Over Body Spray

Guys who find it hard to commit to one cologne or another should find the sweet spot with our All-Over Body Spray. Featuring the fragrance of our best-selling All-Over Wash, this lightweight fragrance combines Natural Citrus with the fresh herbal notes of Mint, Lavender, and Rosemary. Great for daily use, or keep a bottle in your office or your gym bag for a quick refresh.