August 28, 2014 by Jack

Mornings are hectic. Maybe the alarm didn't go off. Or Jack Jr. was up all night sick. Or, god forbid, the coffeemaker broke. Any of these things can make you late to work. Or on occasion, entertaining a client till the wee hours may require smacking that snooze button more times than planned. But even though you’re in a rush, spending just a couple extra minutes to maintain your Double Edge Safety Razor can lengthen the life of the razor, putting a few extra bucks back in your pocket. 
While you shave, you can ensure a close shave and fewer swipes by running the razor under hot water. This helps dislodge clogged hairs from the blade that can make you miss other whiskers. Do this about every two swipes. 
After you shave like Dad taught you, turn the hot water up to full pressure to rinse your razor. Run the water through the backside to flush out all the hairs and any residue from your shaving cream. Make sure and get both blades under the stream and move the razor around to get into all the nooks and crannies. Give it a good shake and a careful towel dry. Water is a blade’s enemy, producing rust and requiring more frequent blade replacement. Also remember to clean your Shave Brush and hang it up on your Razor & Brush Stand to dry. If you have time, give your razor and brush a mini blowout with a hairdryer. 
Razor maintenance should be done about once a month. Unscrew the blue handle and disassemble the razor. Rinse out all hairs and debris that you missed during the daily cleaning. Rub all the metal with rubbing alcohol or find a razor-cleaning solution, dry the parts and then put it all back together. Remember to inspect your blade frequently, and once you feel it start pulling, it’s time for a replacement. So even if you're pressed for time, take a few extra minutes to clean and maintain your razor for an optimal shaving experience. Take care of it, and it will take care of you.