July 28, 2014 by Jack

You're not just a weekend warrior. You're an every-day-of-the-week warrior. Just killed 10 miles. Vanquished your opponent on the court. Demolished your bench press max. Now you're ready for the next challenge. While you may not be one to press “pause,” taking a moment for a proper cool down ensures quicker recovery and allows you to live to fight another day, a day sooner. Check out these suggestions for the best post-workout cool downs. 
 Shut it down. 
Your heart rate spikes during intense workouts. Give yourself a moment to allow your heart rate to go back down. Walk around. Stand under a tree. Let your heart know it’s done for now. 
 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.   
Drink more water. You hear it all the time. But men tend to lose fluids quickly, and it’s important to replace what you lost. Ample fluid intake can reduce the likelihood of cramping and prevent muscle breakdown while increasing muscle tone. Water also fills out muscles, leading to healthier, younger-looking skin. A way to supplement this is with Jack’s Cool Moisture Body Lotion, which hydrates and refreshes overheated skin using natural cooling properties. 
Stretch like Stretch Armstrong.   
Before your muscles get cold, get your stretching routine out of the way to prevent soreness and aid recovery. Also, a strong and flexible muscle is more resistant to injuries. Basic stretches include: Toe touch Standing quadriceps hold Hip flexor + arm cross pull Overhead triceps reach Downward dog Downward dog + leg extension, hip opener Plank calf stretch Cobra Child’s pose Lying torso twist Check here for additional poses and a visual guide. 
 Clean Perhaps counter intuitively, one of the best ways to cool down is to soak in a hot tub or spend time in a sauna, which relaxes muscles and stimulates blood flow. After that, get ready to tackle the day with a few can’t-miss Jack products. Our Post Shave Cooling Gel helps heal irritated skin and minor nicks, and our Dry Down Friction-Free Powder keeps your manhood comfortable and chafe-free as you power through your day. Relieve any tension caused by your workout and speed the recovery process with our Dragon Ice Relief and Recovery Balm. Enriched with menthol, dragon's blood, MSM, arnica and willowherb, this innovative formula provides immediate and sustained relief. Sweat, rinse and repeat tomorrow.