April 22, 2016 by Jack

A half century ago, global conservation efforts were borderline nonexistent, despite a growing chorus of activists and geologists voicing concern over the need to protect endangered wildlife and promote environmental sustainability. Oh, how far we’ve come. Today, Earth Day serves as a rallying cry for people, companies, and organizations who understand that the decisions we make matter—now and, especially, in the future.

Starting today you can pitch in simply by shopping on getjackblack.comA portion of the proceeds from all sales placed on between April 22 - 28 will go to help WildAid conservation efforts. Rather than fight the ever evolving tactics of poachers, WildAid works to remove the economic incentive to poach in the first place by disrupting and destabilizing the market for their products, and we’re happy to do what we can to help.

At Jack Black, we promote our planet’s wildlife by remaining cruelty-free in an industry hesitant to do the same. The skincare and grooming products industry has a spotty history in terms of its treatment of animals and its use of ingredients derived from cruel and unsustainable methods. Jack Black was founded by industry veterans who knew that history and committed to finding alternatives to those troubling industry standards and practices. Learn more about our company.

With the introduction of our Pure Performance Shave Brush®, Jack Black bucked industry trends by refusing to use animal products. Rather than relying on animal-sourced ingredients such as badger hair, Jack Black’s shave brush features high-tech Silvertip Fibre® bristles. This technology offers an improved shaving experience by using superior bristle strength and memory to create the rich lather needed for a wet shave—with the added benefit of being ultra-hygienic and cruelty-free.

Jack Black remains committed to preserving the environment and respecting earth’s wildlife with a strict cruelty-free philosophy. It’s a reflection of our core values, which we believe are instrumental in both our success and our ability to look at ourselves in the mirror each morning. As a company, Jack Black ascribes to the idea that you must become the change you want to see. Join us in teaming with WildAid to help ensure that the most majestic creatures on earth can continue to fascinate and inspire for generations to come.