February 12, 2016 by Jack

The weekend of Valentine’s Day is upon us and you might already be stressing about what gift to get that special someone, so let’s not add to the pressure with worrying about how you’re going to look for the big night out. We have some ever-so-handy videos to walk you through step-by-step on how to obtain that style and look you want to impress your date. Simply find the style you’re keen on below and then click play, the rest is up to you.

Perfect Part: First thing’s first, back to basics. We start with how to obtain the perfect part that will come in to play with a few different styles you might want to try.


Side Part: The side part is a clean, classic look that comes with very little maintenance.

Product: Body-Building Hair Gel

This formula delivers even longer-lasting hold plus increased control and conditioning benefits, but all without the crunch. Lightweight gel has a clean feel without build-up or flaking. Unlike other hair gels, product dries completely and leaves no sticky residue to weigh hair down.

Short & Messy: There’s nothing better than to have great style, yet come across like minimal effort was given. Insert short & messy:

Product: Wax Pomade

Smooth hair into place with this Wax Pomade, offering pliable hold and a natural-shine finish. Use to polish and control frizz, or to smooth hair into desired style. Also, this lightweight wax is perfect for taming and conditioning beard and mustache hairs.

Modern Business: This style can transcend from having meetings all day to happy hour and beyond.

Product: Clay Pomade

Clay Pomade offers buildable control and strong, natural-looking hold. Ideal to add texture, definition, or sculpt hair into place. Offers a strong level of hold, with a matte finish. Fragrance-free, rinses clean.

Back Wave: Get a similar look with less slick using our Sleek Finish Texture cream to obtain the Back Wave style.

Product: Sleek Finish Texture Cream

The same great texture cream you love just repackaged in the new green tube. This versatile, lightweight cream provides long-lasting, flexible control and superior anti-frizz benefits. Gives hair a controlled, sleek finish without stiffness or greasiness. Ideal for dry-to-normal coarse, thick or wavy hair. Excellent before or after blow-drying.