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“Jack Black products are not only the best I've ever used, but they're essential for keeping my skin healthy both at home and in the desert. The Beard Lube makes shaving comfortable for once, and the Double Duty Facial Moisturizer leaves me feeling great and protected all day long! Thank you for providing such superb products!”
“I have been using Jack Black products since I was first introduced to them while managing a spa in Vail in 2001. To this day, I can't be without my Face Buff, Beard Lube, Hand Healer and Lip Balm. Thank you for continuing to provide fantastic products.”
“When I first bought the "All Over Wash" from Jack Black, I immediately fell in love with their products. I now only buy their products for my grooming needs. I have tried almost everything on the market and Jack Black is THE BEST. And the Hand Healer even works better than the medicated cream from my doctor ! I will always buy Jack Black from now on. I can give my personal guarantee that these products perform better than any other line on the market. Try it and you will be forever hooked to it.”
“First off love Ode to Beard Lube on the website. I have been using Jack Black products for about a year. Beard lube and Supreme Creme make one amazing shave. The best I have had in years. I have a fairly coarse beard and using these products make shaving so much easier and the best thing is I no longer get cuts from shaving. The Double Duty Moisturizer is amazing leaving my skin feeling great throughout the day, as well as Protein Booster Eye Rescue keeping me looking my best. Thanks for your great products!”
“A few years ago I tried the Jack Black Double Duty Facial Moisturizer out of curiosity, and thought it worked exceptionally well. It goes on smoothly without being greasy and lasts all day. Based on my experience with this product, I tried the Industrial Strength Hand Healer and Protein Booster Skin Serum, both of which were exceptional and produced immediately noticeable results. I have since gone on to become a regular user of these and a number of other products. Every product I have ever tried is the best I have ever used of its respective type, and I've ended up purchasing a full size item of every sample I've ever received (because I like the product, not because I'm easily swayed by samples). I never hesitate to recommend your products to others, and have no qualms about using Jack Black products since I know they will work exceptionally well and not have any harsh side effects. My skin has never looked or felt better. Keep up the great work, and thank you for making such high quality products!”
“The Turbo Wash has been a great, hassle-free and portable cleanser for me to bring to the gym. Having a hair and body wash simplifies my freshening up, and is really effective in rinsing off all the sweat and dirt. I love the aromatic quality of the Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Juniper Berry. My hair and body are left feeling hydrated, clean and energized. I am really happy with the portability of it as well, so I can take it with me when I travel to races.”
“Hello, I am writing to let you know how much I like your hand healer. I'm a pastry chef and in the cold weather its hard to keep my hands from drying out. Thanks to your hand healer I have found comfort. Thanks again.”
“Put another A+ on the board for Jack Black. Just started using the Performance Remedy Energizing Turbo Wash. This stuff does everything they say it does and then some. My muscles have never felt so revitalized after a shower. This is amazing stuff.”
“I received a sample of Jack Black products at a triathlon that I was doing. Being a triathlete you are in chlorine, sea water, bay water, sweat, sand, and everything in between. I am constantly showering sometimes 3 times a day. I am a fitness instructor and mother of 4 as well, I don't like to pack heavy and am looking for good combination products that are organic and not harsh on my hair and skin, to top it off smell good! I tried the Turbo Wash sample and was hooked! I felt energized by the smell and my hair felt clean! Considering half of my showers are at gyms or beach side showers, this product is great, I don't even care that its for men!”
“I don't know what I'd do without Jack Black -- especially when it comes to shaving. ALL other products irritate my face, and Jack Black does exactly the opposite nurturing my skin so shaving doesn't hurt anymore. I actually look forward to shaving now! I get the occasional straight shave from a professional. The only product that has ever helped me achieve anything near that close of a shave is Beard Lube Conditioning Shave. I've tried the competition...NOTHING lives up to Jack Black's line of products!”
“I love the all over wash,the daily facial cleanser,the double-duty face moisturizer,the lip balm. I am hooked!”
“Dear Jack Black, Your Triple Cream Shave Lather is the best since Palmolive. Just a little goes a long way! I have just bought my second jar from Weldon Barbers. One interesting thing, with J/B lather my razor blades are lasting nearly twice as long. Doesn't that tell us something? ”
“Excellent products, people always comment on my great complexion. Part of that is genetics, the maintenance of that is Jack Black. Careful with the cologne and eu de parfum, you do have to wear them responsibly because the reaction from women is......!!!”
“The All Day Oil Control Lotion works better than any other high-end product I have tried thus far. I'm even finding that I'm not having to use it all the time (although I am oily all the time) the day after if I used it the day before. It's kinda this stuff is actually healing this problem. It is wonderful. Goes on clean, nice light smell, it's awesome. I'm a Jack Black product user from now on!”
“As the women's distance coach at Western Michigan University, wife of an elite athlete, and Brooks sponsored athlete myself, more than half my day is spent observing and administering workouts or partaking in my own running. I am constantly searching for new products that allow athlete's to perform towards the upper end of their physical ability. Greasy formulas that burn the eyes or irritate the skin are a major distraction to any athlete. The Sun Guard Sunscreen and Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm allow athletes to worry less about environmental issues and focus on competition. The Sun Guard sunscreen helps me battle the elements throughout the day in a non-fuss fashion, while the Dragon Ice Relief & Recovery Balm allows me to recover after a hectic day and rigorous training regimen. Best of all, Jack Black is a product that I can recommend to athletes and non-athletes both male and female.”