May 10, 2023 by Jack

Common Shaving Problems and How to Solve Them

Just because shaving is a regular part of most men’s grooming habits doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with the risk of a few mishaps now and again — even if you’re a pro. Conquering the ultimate shave all comes down to technique, using the right shaving products, and maintaining your equipment, aka shaving essentials. With that said, if you’re having problems, chances are you’re lacking in one of these areas. Let’s address these significant challenges so you can achieve a clean, smooth shave every time. 

Common Shaving Problems 

Razor Burn 

  • What Causes Razor Burn? 

Dull razors, dry skin, or pressing too hard on the skin while shaving. 

  • Razor Burn Treatment

If you’re wondering how to prevent razor burn after shaving, always ensure you have a sharp blade. Use Jack’s Black’s The Closer 5-Blade Cartridge Razor, and keep it cleaned and sanitized to keep it sharp longer.

Not many sensations are more cringe-worthy than shaving un-lubed skin. Brush on Beard Lube or Supreme Cream to lift those whiskers for a smoother shave.

When it comes to razor shaving, check your technique — precisely, the angle you’re using — and let the weight of The Closer 5-Blade Cartridge Razor do the work.

Another reason to avoid using too much pressure with your razor is hyperpigmentation. Razor burn caused by a repeated aggressive technique can cause hyperpigmentation over time.  

Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

  • What Causes Ingrown Hairs? 

Hairs that never grow out of the skin or curl and get trapped underneath the surface.

  • Ingrown Hair Treatment 

If you’re wondering how to prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, shave after showering when your whiskers are softer. Swipe with the grain of the hair, which promotes a closer shave. Avoid pulling your skin taut, as this produces bumps, and try to use the fewest number of short strokes. 

Cleaning your blade after each stroke removes clogs that could prevent the blade from making clean cuts. Use tweezers to pull out ingrown hairs you can reach. Our Bump Fix helps clear up bumps and provides post-shave relief.

Nicks and Cuts

  • What Causes Cuts Shaving?

A dull razor or pressing your razor too hard in the skin, thinking that will help give you the ultimate close shave. Also, remember that more blades don’t always equal a closer shave. In fact, they may cause more irritation and cuts, which is something to keep in mind when shaving for sensitive skin.

  • Cut Prevention

Avoid using hard pressure with your razor — invest in one of our close shavers to make shaving feel more effortless. Treat with our Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue Silver Gel for quick relief and scar prevention.

Now that you’ve got these shaving tips up your sleeve, hopefully, it will be easier to avoid common mishaps. To ensure your success, take action and try Jack Black shaving products and essentials!