April 19, 2023 by Jack

How to Grow a Better Beard Faster

While we can offer some knowledge to help promote beard growth and practice proper grooming once you achieve your optimal length, let’s be straight. We can’t help you grow a thick and lustrous beard if you’ve always struggled with facial hair. Many factors cause stubborn whiskers, so forget about how to grow a beard fast. Instead, educate yourself on a few lifestyle and grooming tips to encourage healthier skin and facial hair regardless of the length. 

Causes of Slow Beard Growth

Several factors determine beard growth length, patterns, and thickness. 

1. Genetics

Don’t just blame your dad for your lackluster beard. It’s not always the males in the family who are responsible. In fact, this is quite a misconception. In reality, beards are like many other genetically attained features from either side of the family, male or female. That said, not every man can grow a beard.

2. Hormonal Fluctuations

Suppose you’re experiencing a low sex drive, fatigue, mood changes, irritability, trouble losing muscle, and increased body fat. In that case, chances are you have low testosterone levels, which may also cause poor beard growth. 

3. Poor Diet /Lack of Essential Vitamins and Minerals

By now, you know your diet affects your body inside and out, so if you’re lacking in vital nutrients (especially 

vitamins A, E, D, K2, and B-complex vitamins), it slows down the progression of healthy hair growth — and not just your beard

4. Aggressive Grooming Habits

Like the tresses on top of your head, beard hair is also susceptible to damage. If you’re using hot tools like a blow dryer or flat iron or are regularly using a relaxer, you could be causing severe structural damage to beard fibers and follicles. Other factors include brushing, combing, or washing your beard too often, subconsciously picking at it, or using too many products that lead to clogged pores and buildup. 

Beard Growth Tips

What helps beard growth, you ask? 

1. Staying Active

Physical activity is always a good idea health-wise, but it also promotes higher levels of testosterone, which can help foster hair growth. Exercise also improves circulation, improving the delivery of proteins and vitamins that help hair grow.

2. Eating a Nutritious Diet

Even the best diet can’t override genetics, but it can help the health and growth of existing hair. Shoot for a diet rich in protein and healthy fats (think meats, beans, fish, avocado, eggs, etc.), iron-rich foods like liver, whole grains, and other complex carbohydrates, and plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. 


3. Getting Ample Rest

Not getting enough sleep wreaks havoc on your body, but the side effect that's most detrimental to growing a healthy beard is lowered testosterone levels. Getting between seven and eight hours of sleep a night can also help reduce stress, which is known to disrupt hair’s normal growth cycle.

4. Adopting Healthy Grooming Practices

The success of a healthy beard also relies on your grooming practices, which includes an effective skin and beard care routine. Let’s get into the beard care products you need so you can set yourself up for success! 

Beard Care Products

Cleanse and Exfoliate

Create the best environment for your beard to flourish by using an exfoliating cleanser like our Face Buff Energizing Scrub to remove the pore-clogging dirt and oily buildup that can stunt hair growth and cause ingrown hairs. Once your beard fills in, wash it with our Beard Wash, which cleanses and conditions your facial hair and moisturizes the skin underneath.


Leave-in conditioners that contain essential oils for beard growth can nourish beard hair and keep it moisturized, which gives the appearance of a fuller beard. Jack Black Beard Oil is formulated with an exclusive blend of certified organic natural oils, potent antioxidants, and vitamins to help prevent dry, itchy skin and achieve a conditioned, healthy-looking beard. Fast-absorbing natural oils soften and hydrate dry, brittle facial hair for more control and a healthy shine. Read all about our best-selling Beard Oil in detail in Jack's Manual!

Now that you’ve learned how to grow a beard correctly, remember that most guys need at least four weeks to achieve a beard full enough to groom consistently. This allows you to observe the natural growth pattern of whiskers on your face and problem areas where growth is lighter. Once you’ve made some progress, follow these tips to find your natural neckline and keep that beard looking great. Check out our post on beard care and grooming.