2023 Men's Hairstyle Trends

February 7, 2023 by Jack

With the beginning of a new year often comes the desire to change old habits, create new goals, and maybe shake things up in the style department — including hair. Perhaps you're the type of man who likes to keep up with the latest trends, or maybe your hair's integrity has changed (age, styling habits, chemical treatments), and you need a hairstyle to reflect this. Whether you’re in the mood to make a dramatic change or simply refresh your look, how about trying a new ‘do for a new you in 2023? Check out some of the trending men’s haircuts to try out this year.

Short Hairstyles

Short hair is the go-to for most men — and we’re not just talking about men’s buzzcuts. It’s easy to maintain and style and is invariably on-trend. Not to mention, many professional jobs require a clean-cut appearance. Most hair types can pull off this look, but 

  • Traditional Side Part

A traditional side part is still considered on-trend in 2023. It’s clean, stylish, sophisticated, and is simply a classic men’s haircut. While it works for most hair types, a side-swept look with lots of layers is best suited for men with slightly wavy or straight hair. 


  • Short and Thick

If you’re looking to flaunt your natural curls but want to keep maintenance to a minimum that doesn’t involve a man bun, opt for a short cut that accentuates your ringlets while creating additional thickness and natural volume.


Men’s Medium-Length Hairstyles

Medium-length hair can be tricky because you have to keep it from looking sloppy, which all comes down to choosing the right hairstyle and working with the correct products.

  • Modern-Day Pompadour

As with fashion, history tends to repeat itself with hairstyles, and the pompadour is in vogue in 2023, but with a modern twist. To keep your pomp from looking dated, accompany it with a high taper fade on the sides. This creates a sleek, clean appearance and highlights the height on top of your head. To achieve the perfect style, style your pomp with our Body-Building Hair Gel or Wax Pomade.


  • Ivy League Chic

As the name suggests, this men’s hairstyle boasts an air of sophistication. It’s classic, clean, and timeless. Medium-length hair is required to keep the length on top. However, the rest of the hair close to the sides of the head and around the ears should be on the shorter side. Bonus points for being easy to style. 


Long Hairstyles

Long men’s hairstyles take fortitude to achieve, and it’s also vital that your hair is in good health to pull off a stylish and clean look despite the length. 

  • The Curtain 

If you have the patience to grow out your hair and deal with those awkward in-between phases, the curtain is undoubtedly one of the most desirable hairstyle trends. While it’s not necessarily a new style, it is a dapper comeback poised to have prominence in 2023. This cut is characterized by a long, layered fringe parted on either the middle or the side. 


  • Shaggy Curls

Providing your curly strands are in good health (well-hydrated, lustrous, no breakage or frizz, etc.), a shaggy, long haircut is definitely a head-turner. To effectively pull off this look, allow your hair to air dry after shampooing before adding a small amount of a frizz-controlling product, such as our MP 10 Nourishing Oil or Sleek Finish Texture Cream, to provide structure and definition. 


Natural Hairstyles

There’s a lot of room for creativity regarding natural hairstyles. A man’s personality can really shine through depending on the look and styling techniques involved.

  • Afro Faux Hauk

While it’s not for everyone, black men looking for a bold style should look no further than an undercut afro faux hawk. The sides are closely trimmed, which accentuates the height of the crown. Leave the hawk natural or up the ante with braids, twists, or dreads. Add hold and definition with our Clay Pomade.


  • Short and Textured

For an easy-to-maintain style that isn’t as avant-garde as a faux hawk but isn’t lacking in the style department, you can’t go wrong with a classic short and textured cut. The secret sauce for making this look pop is a product like our Sleek Finish Texture Cream that should be applied by gently scrunching the hair. 

Thin or Thinning Hair

Thin and thinning hair are not the same. Thin hair has a smaller follicle diameter than thick hair, which gives finer hair. Thinning (or balding) hair refers to the hair’s density. It is possible to have thin and thinning hair at the same time. The secret to managing both is the right style and products. A pro stylist will help you find the best cut for you. 

  • Short Quiff 

Tall quiffs may be all the rage over social media, but they’re a bit tricky to still. If you still want to achieve this look, take it down a notch by opting for a short quiff instead. It’s a highly versatile style for those with thin or thinning hair. Suds up with our True Volume Thickening Shampoo before applying a volumizing product. Build extra height by using a blow dryer on top while keeping the sides and nape of the neck short and clean. 


  • Textured and Tousled 

Just because your hair is on the thin — or thinning — side doesn’t mean you can’t sport long locks. It all comes down to the correct part and products and, again, making use of that blowdryer. 

https://www.apetogentleman.com/best-mens-long-hairstyles/ -- see density and messy photos

Fade and Tapered Hairstyles

As the name suggests, a fade haircut involves a technique that fades the hair into the skin. Typical, the hair on the top is left longer, but it can also be shorter with a more military vibe. A fade is a haircut where the back and sides are faded from the temples downward, 

  • Curly Haired Taper Fade

A tapered fade is a great way to accentuate curly hair because it keeps the side clean while making it easier to style just the crown. Tame any frizz or dryness with our MP 10 Nourishing Oil. Don’t be afraid to get a bit crazy with volume, too. The tapering technique shortens the length of the hair above the ear, around to the nape of your neck. 


  • Tapered Top Knot

The man bun is still in fashion, but to elevate this look, taper your neckline versus using a sharp fade. The extra hair length helps balance the face and prevents your bun from looking top-heavy. 



As you can see, various men’s hairstyles and haircuts will be in vogue in 2023. However, no matter which one you choose, it’s vital that you use the right tools and hair products to help make your look shine. Regular haircuts are also crucial to maintaining your look. If you’re unsure what style is best for you based on your hair’s texture, lifestyle, and the shape of your face, have a chat with your stylist.