March 10, 2017 by Jack

First, we think it’s important to be crystal clear about something. We meant it when we said it: It’s not about the razor.™ Pretty brilliant slogan for selling razors, eh? Hear us out, though.

A consistently close, pain-free shave begins and ends with great skincare — whether your highfalutin razor has six blades or one. The recommended razor for your shave routine ultimately depends on your skin type and any skin issues you face.

We launched our Double-Edge Safety Razor almost four years ago because we believe it’s a classic whose style and utility remain undiminished by age. Plus, it remains the ideal choice for men with sensitive skin, coarse facial hair, or skin prone to razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

But we couldn’t continue to ignore a pretty obvious fact: most men prefer multi-blade razors. Research conducted among scores of Jack Black fans confirmed that. Add to that the chorus of fans who have called and emailed us over the years suggesting they’d prefer to purchase all of their shaving needs from a brand they trust.

We decided to offer high-end five-blade razors because we strive to be a one-stop shop for all of our customers. We are not suggesting that safety razors are better or worse than their five-blade counterparts; we’re suggesting that offering men a choice is a good thing.

We believe the best razor/shave regimen is the one that delivers a comfortable, pain-free shave on a regular basis. Period. And that belief informs every decision we make.