December 5, 2016 by Jack

Winter weather’s here, as are all the winter wonderland-ish things you look forward to: building snowmen; perfecting your throwing motion with perfectly packed snowballs; steaming-hot cider, hot chocolate, and bourbon with a splash of eggnog; and being able to wear flannel with minimal irony, to name a few.

Not to be anyone’s grinch, but we’re pretty sure you missed a few things. Did dry, flaky skin make your list? How about chapped hands and lips? Probably best not to even bring up windburn.

Don’t fret. We’ve put together a head-to-toe solution with skincare essentials to help protect you from winter weather.

Take care of the weakest link. The layer of skin protecting your lips is too thin to be much help against the dry winter air, and the biological moisturizer at your disposal (commonly referred to as saliva) can exacerbate dry, chapped lips. So do the opposite of throwing caution to the wind — keep a tube of our Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 on you at all times. The multi-functional formula helps heal chapped lips while offering broad-spectrum SPF protection.

Heal those weather-beaten hands.

The palms and backs of your hands have the smallest and fewest oil glands than any other exposed skin surface, making them particularly susceptible to damage from frigid temperatures. Keep a tube of our award-winning Industrial Strength Hand Healer close by, and you’ll see why the rich, non-greasy formula is a favorite of golfers, carpenters, and chefs alike.

Use better products for your body.

Think about it: from the time you leave your cozy home, start your car, and arrive at work, your skin has gone through some pretty drastic changes in temperature. Your routine should begin in the shower with our hydrating, antioxidant-rich Clean Cream Body Wash to thoroughly clean while imparting essential moisture to your skin without the greasy residue. Follow up with our Extra Rich Body Hydrator — the lightweight body lotion incorporates Shea and Capuacu butters that hydrates skin without feeling heavy or greasy.

Face the freeze.

To best protect your face from the harsh winter elements, work some of our more powerful products into your routine, as well. During the day, apply a base layer of our Double-Duty Facial Moisturizer SPF 20, followed by a layer of Dry Erase® Ultra-Calming Face Cream, which will add the extra hydration your skin needs and help protect from harmful UV rays. At night, add a layer Dry Erase® after applying our Protein Booster Skin Serum. The one-two punch helps relieve redness and irritation and helps counter the damage caused by free radicals.

Take advantage of our multi-functional formulas for the rest. The benefits — there are 10, in case you’re wondering — of the lightweight, quick-penetrating formula in our MP 10® Nourishing Oil render this multi-tasking oil a no-brainer when winter weather hits. Used on the face and body, the concentrated blend of natural oils deeply penetrates to soothe skin and help relieve dryness. Used in your hair (yep — cold, dry air strips its moisture, too), MP 10® helps condition, improve shine, and reduce frizz. Bonus features: this oil works great as a pre-shave or stand-alone shave oil, and it’s ideal for use as a leave-in conditioner and grooming aid for beards and mustaches.