October 30, 2016 by Jack

We can’t advise you one way or another on your choice of Halloween costumes (actually, we can if you’re considering one of these horrible ideas). Likewise, we can’t help it if you wake up with intense feelings of regret over said choice.

But we can help you make sure that your face doesn’t break out once you wash away that Halloween mask once and for all. Follow these tips, and you should be in the clear:

When shopping for anything that’s going on your face, don’t go cheap — especially if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin. And it should go without saying that you should avoid using paint that’s not intended for your skin.

Give Halloween makeup and face paint the sniff test: if it smells foul in any way, toss it.

If you see an option, go for “Theatrical” makeup over “Halloween” makeup. Theatrical makeup will generally be gentler on your skin and less prone to cause irritation or breakouts.

Use a good moisturizer like our Double-Duty Facial Moisturizer SPF 20 before applying the makeup. Doing so will help provide a good foundation of moisture to help protect your skin from buildup and from drying out.

Remove any makeup before you go to sleep. Leaving that stuff on your face for too long can clog pores and cause a nasty breakout. Use a gentle, effective cleanser like our Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser to remove any remnants of makeup or face paint without causing redness or irritation.

Make time for one more mask. After cleansing, apply a nickel-size amount of Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser to your face using a circular motion; allow it to dry for at least 10 minutes; then rinse. This is the most effective way to remove pore-clogging dirt and oil, help prevent blackheads, and achieve healthier-looking skin.

Before going to sleep, apply moisturizer — and skin serum if you have it. Your face has been through a lot in 24 hours, so treat it kindly. Apply your favorite moisturizer — try Dry Erase® if you suffer from dry or sensitive skin — to help your skin recover.