July 26, 2016 by Jack

If you think clay masks, spa days, or a consistent skincare routine do not fall under your definition of manliness, we should get something straight: Gardening shears are a threat to your manhood; skincare and grooming products are not.

So what happens when you let go of aging stereotypes of masculinity and let solid skincare advice sink in? Hell, you just might enjoy yourself. Whether you intend to use a full mask or to simply apply to problem areas, we’ve put together a few bullet points that cover how and why you should use a purifying mask like our Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser at least once a week.

• The routine use of a purifying mask to remove pore-clogging dirt and oil is one of the easiest ways to help absorb oil, prevent blackheads, and achieve healthier-looking skin. Period. On the plus side, Deep Dive® contains Kaolin Clay, which naturally draws out skin impurities, oil, and dirt and has natural absorption properties that help control oiliness.

• That bar of soap you use is no match for the power of a purifying mask. Whether you have dry, sensitive, normal, or oily skin, using a mask at least once a week is a surefire way to fresher-, smoother-, and firmer-looking skin simply because it removes the impurities that your daily shower can’t get to.

• The “process” for using a clay mask is super easy. After cleansing, apply a nickel-size amount to your face using a circular motion; allow it to dry for at least ten minutes; rinse. That is all. Feel like cutting rings of cucumbers to place over your eyes? Knock yourself out.

• We're not going to tell you how to spend the 10 to 20 minutes you have while you wait for your mask to dry, but we're confident you'll figure it out. Make your lunch for the next day. Go back to playing your video game or binge-watching Netflix. Do something nice for the ol' lady. Just don't touch your face.