June 29, 2016 by Jack

A willingness to travel light says a lot about a guy. Traveling with nothing but your carry-on suggests a man who’s uncomplicated — unburdened, even. If you can get your suitcase to say as much about you, you’re in good company. These multifunctional products will help you get there.

The two-timer

Two birds, one stone — that’s the gold standard of great travel items. The same ingredients that help ensure your post-shave routine keeps your face cool and free of irritation are also what make our Post Shave Cooling Gel the ideal gel to apply to sunburns.

The face-saver

Whether your summertime goal is to hit peak beach bum or peak altitude, chances are that your skin will face increased exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Pack some of our Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20, and be generous when you use it. The broad-spectrum SPF protection will help keep your face free from unsightly and uncomfortable sunburns.

The space-saver

Packing a bag that’s TSA friendly isn’t just convenient — it’s good karma. And if you have normal to dry skin, our MP 10® Nourishing Oil may just be your new travel buddy. With 10 natural ingredients, this multi-purpose oil is the Swiss Army knife of skincare:

For face and body: The lightweight formula helps relieve irritation, dryness, and flakiness, which makes it the perfect antidote to a long day spent out in the elements.

For hair: Sun and seawater can make your hair brittle, frizzy, and hard to manage. Use MP 10® as a conditioning, styling, or finishing tool, and help your hair regain some of the natural oils that were stripped during the day.

For shaving: Provides exceptional moisturization and soothing benefits when used as pre-shave prep or as a stand-alone shaving oil.

The restorer

All those hours in the sun or on the water will leave your skin longing for some serious moisture. Before you hit the sack, use Power Peel Multi-Acid Resurfacing Pads to exfoliate and help skin look smoother, firmer, and more evenly toned.