June 23, 2016 by Jack

Growing a beard is not an excuse to skip your face in your morning routine. That face sweater you’ve worked so hard on can hide some serious issues for the skin underneath, so take this pro tip and run with it: Whether your beard’s old enough to have acquired a name or just the result of a monthly routine of shaving once and then letting it go, just a little bit of beard grooming goes a long way.

Following these steps won’t necessarily get you the beard of a Greek god, but we’ll go with a clean, food- and debris-free beard as a solid sign of progress:

START WITH CLEAN SKIN: Remove the dirt, oil, and other gunk that accumulates in your beard with a gentle, sulfate-free cleanser like our All-Over Wash — it’s pH balanced and gentle enough for face, hair, and body.

PREP THE BEARD: Unlike shaving with a regular razor, electric razors work best with facial hair that’s stiffer than normal.

CLEAN THE LINE: Take advantage of the transparent, non-foaming formula of our Beard Lube® Conditioning Shave to rid yourself of far-flung whiskers above and below your natural beard line.

POST SHAVE: Tame & condition your beard and reduce itching and flaking with the natural oils in our Beard Oil. Your beard—and your partner—thank you in advance.

Illustration by Sally Nixon (