April 14, 2016 by Jack

Call it a hunch, but we think it’s safe to assume that most men want to find a way to deal with chapped lips that doesn't add shine and that doesn't taste like a snow cone. If only you could find the non-waxy lip treatment you’ve come to expect from Jack Black in a convenient roll-up stick. Don’t worry: we heard you.

Many factors influence your lips’ ability to retain moisture. Weather is the most frequent culprit, but other medical factors—e.g., iron deficiency—and even some medications can cause your lips to dry quicker and more frequently than normal. Whether it’s a chronic condition for you or you just like a little moisture a few times a day, there are certainly ways to deal with the problem and ways to make it worse. And since cracked, chapped lips seem to emerge precisely when it's least convenient for you, here are some tidbits that'll help you avoid the discomfort of cracked or flaky lips.

Licking your lips instead of using a moisturizing lip treatment such as The Stick is, at best, ineffective. At worst, it exacerbates the problem. There are two reasons for this. First, your lips, unlike pretty much everywhere else on your body, lack a substantial protective outer layer to effectively retain moisture, and the quickly evaporating saliva may leave your lips drier and worse off than before. The other reason is that saliva isn’t as innocuous as you may assume. Saliva is packed with enzymes that play a key role in your digestive system by breaking down foods. Too much saliva can overwhelm the sensitive skin on your lips and cause them to crack.

Being prepared is the first—and most effective—line of defense against dry, chapped lips. The Stick is a non-waxy treatment that offers soothing hydration for maximum lip comfort. Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil nourish and hydrate while natural Peppermint Oil delivers a subtle, refreshing cool mint flavor.

Free of synthetic fragrance, colorants and parabens, The Stick is a natural remedy for a recurring problem. Add The Stick as the newest entry on your I’m-lost-without-it list, and apply whenever your lips feel dry or chapped. It’s that simple.



Turn dry lips into a non-issue - Jack Black