December 16, 2015 by Jack

No-shave November is over and now you find yourself at a crossroads; keep the beard going or shave it off. Jack Black has helpful grooming products like our Beard Oil to maintain the beard moving forward, but if you prefer the latter and want to part ways then we have some tips for shaving off the chin curtain, too.
The secret to a skin-friendly shave starts with proper preparation of the skin and facial hair. First clear your skin’s surface of dirt and debris with our Face Buff Energizing Scrub. Face Buff effectively clears the way for an easier shave by smoothing the surface of your skin. This deep-cleaning pre-shave cleanser and scrub contains small scrubbing particles that remove dirt and dead skin cells for a less-irritating shave. Your razor is able to get closer, so less chance of razor drag or burn.
Next, it's time to moisten the beard area and lather thoroughly using our Pure Performance Shave Brush with Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather.
To get a perfect lather that's neither too dry nor too wet, we recommend the load/hydrate technique:
  • Wet the brush thoroughly with warm water.
  • Put a dime-sized amount of shaving cream on the brush.
  • Start with the lather dry and slowly add water to your brush until you achieve the right consistency.
  • Use a circular motion to lather up from ear to ear.
Before making initial contact with the skin, place the razor’s head against your face then slowly lower the razor handle to the proper 30-degree shaving angle. Going in slowly instead of just scraping away will help prevent nicks and cuts.
While shaving, focus on taking shorter, lighter strokes in the direction of the whisker growth. No added pressure is needed when shaving with our Double Edge Safety Razor. The weight of the tool is enough to properly remove whiskers without damaging skin. Focus on reducing hair versus removing hair with each stroke. This will allow for gentler pressure and less irritation.
Rinse the razor head both during and after shaving. Use both sides of the blade before rinsing for a faster shave. For best results, replace the blade after five shaves or about once a week.
After the shave apply Post Shave Cooling Gel, Supreme Cream's companion in achieving a superior shave. It is equipped with natural ingredients, known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to calm the skin and provide immediate, lasting relief from razor burn Botanicals, known to encourage healing and fight bacteria, work to heal minor nicks and cuts. The cooling gel works like a lightweight moisturizer to prevent flaking and dryness. Also helps reduce the pain and redness of sunburn.
Lastly, it's time to Moisturize & Protect with Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20. This ultra-light moisturizer is an advanced, soothing facial treatment and daily broad-spectrum sunscreen in one easy step. Smooth a dime size amount on face and neck after shaving.
Now that you’re ready to go back to that clean-cut look you can grab yourself an Ultimate Skin-Friendly Shave™ Super Set, it contains everything you need to get back into that daily morning routine—but with a little more class. It’ll make for a seamless and painless transition from no shaving to shaving.