September 28, 2015 by Jack

This summer we met up with Tyson Chandler on the famous blue courts of Venice Beach. As the newest member of Team Jack Black, Tyson embodies the Jack Black values of hard work, integrity and authenticity and we were able to see those qualities first hand behind the scenes of the video shoot.

The current center for the Phoenix Suns is now entering his 15th NBA season and understands the importance of maintaining a consistent routine to help him perform to the best of his ability. We wanted to capture this idea in the video shoot and share what it takes for a seven-foot-one professional basketball player to stay at the top of his game.

On and off the court, Tyson Chandler adds Jack Black products to his daily routine. A few of Tyson’s favorites include our Wax Pomade to add shine to his beard, Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant to keep him fresh all day long and Sun Guard SPF 45 to protect his skin. These products were also available at the video shoot to keep Tyson’s skin looking camera ready.

After a half day in the warm California sun, a group of talented producers and directors were able to capture Tyson’s dedication to his routine and we are proud to share the end result here!