September 2, 2015 by Jack

Our Dry Down® Friction-Free Powder is considered to be a “Jack” of many trades product. The ultra-fine, talc-free powder will keep feeling great from head to toe. The blend of blend of fruit oils and botanical extracts helps to deodorize and keep skin smelling fresh. Use it as Pre/Post workout to enhance comfort and protect sensitive areas from chafing by keeping the skin silky, smooth and dry. Also, here are some other uses that you can benefit from:

HEAD – Use as a dry shampoo or can be used to reduce shine on bald or shaved heads.

NECK – Prevents irritation associated with wearing a tight collar suit and tie daily.

BODY – Avoid irritation caused by skin-to-skin chafing or sweaty clothes.

HANDS – Improves grip.

SOUTH-OF-THE BORDER – Keep thighs and groin region dry and free of chafing.

FEET – Prevents blisters and helps to curb bacterial growth or use to deodorize shoes. 

What’s in it?

+Pure Cornstarch: Absorbs moisture with a silky, refined texture

+Organic Green Tea: Potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

+Organic Cucumber: Regulates moisture and has anti-itching and refreshing properties.

+Lavender: An aromatic essential oil with antibacterial and soothing properties