May 11, 2015 by Jack

Whether you are dealing with limp locks or starting to lose some of your luxurious locks, Jack is here to help. While balding and hair loss have a heredity component, there are a few easy ways you can pump up the locks you got. 

Choose the right shampoo and conditioner

Your mom was right, what’s on the inside does matter, especially when it comes to choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Look for wheat proteins and vitamins like biotin that fortify hair to add strength and help fight gravity. Our True Volume Thickening Shampoo has a thickening complex called Expansion Technology that helps to deliver these proteins into each hair shaft to increase the thickness of each strand.  

Another key to fuller hair is to find products like our Nourishing Hair and Scalp Conditioner that will protect and nourish the scalp. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp so use products with Tea Tree Leaf and Peppermint oils that will help reduce itching and dryness, while stimulating scalp circulation to help foster new, flake-free hair growth.  Avoid products with Sulfates, a common cleansing agent, that removes more than dirt and sweat but also the natural oils, which can cause a dry and itchy scalp and damage the hair follicle.


Eat a Balanced Diet

What you have in your kitchen can impact the health and fullness of your hair just as much as what is in your shower. Your diet also impacts how your hair behaves; eating a well-balanced diet full of healthy proteins will give your body what it needs to help grow great looking hair. While there is no magic cure for flat hair, here is a list of 10 foods can make you and your hair healthier.


Style What you Have

You can achieve that maximum altitude with a few styling tips. First use products that rinse your scalp clean, the health of the scalp is essential for fuller thicker hair. Find a product that will not weigh down your hair but will enhance your hair’s volume. Our Clay Pomade offers build-able control and volume to help you get the height you desire.