May 1, 2015 by Jack

May is officially here and with that comes warmer weather in our forecasts and one of our favorite times of the year, National Pet Month. As a cruelty free brand and animal lovers all around, we tend to treat every month like pet month but this May we thought we’d showcase some of our “Team Members”.


Name: Dottie, Breed: Australian Shepherd Mix, Age:4,Position: Doghouse Manager, Hobbies: Golf caddy. Name: Grant, Breed: Doberman Pinscher, Age: 7, Position: Founder, Hobbies: Taking Instagram selfies. Name: Emmett, Breed: Schnoodle, Age: 5, Position: Socialite, Hobbies: The electric slide, the cupid shuffle, and other wedding dances. Name: Rexford, Breed: great dane, age: 2.5, position: marketing guru, Hobbies: Putting peanut butter on everything. Name: Ripley, Breed: yellow lab, age: 10, position: pawduct specialist, hobbies: french renaissance architecture. Name: Lou, breed: chihuahua mix, age: 3.5, position: customer service, Hobbies: taylor swift's spirit animal. Name: Jasper, breed: schnauzer, age: 7, position: sales, hobbies: beard, babes, and booze. Name: skylar, breed: newfoundland, age:2 , position: groundskeeper, hobbies: notre dame apologist. Name: serena, breed: calico cat, age: 3, position: Creative director, artist, graphic designer, illustrator, copywriter, account manager, apple genius, pantone color expert, and package designer, hobbies: hide and seek champion.


Jack Black has a cruelty-free philosophy; no animals are harmed in the development, testing or manufacturing of Jack Black products. We do no animal testing on our products, nor do we have outside parties do animal testing on our behalf.