November 25, 2014 by Jack

It’s time for Jack Frost. And as such, you better prepare with some Jack Black. Fortunately, your weapons of defense have now been combined into a convenient attack pack. All of our finest moisture protection tools join forces in the Epic Moisture® Collection.
Guys need hand cream, too! Our new formula contains soothing oils and extracts to protect your hands and relieve roughed-up cuticles. Just a dime-size amount absorbs quickly to smooth and moisturize chapped skin.
This ultra-hydrating cream wash provides more moisture to your skin than any bar soap. It contains seven natural oils plus shea butter that gently but thoroughly clean while infusing skin with essential moisture without greasiness. Use a generous amount with your loofah or washcloth for an allover scrub. Make sure to get behind your ears.
Shea and capuacu butters combine to create this luxurious body cream that will leave skin hydrated all day. Meadowfoam, olive fruit and argan oils provide lasting but lightweight moisture. Apply a liberal amount following a shower or anytime you feel dryness or tightness.
This multitasking oil includes 10 natural oils that infuse skin and hair with antioxidants, nutrients and fatty acids to improve appearance. It can be used for hair and facial conditioning, or styling. Use it to tame your facial hair flyaways or as a beard oil to condition and prevent fuzz. For shaving, use a few drops for prep or as a shave cream replacement.
Our Epic Moisture Collection contains some of our finest and most effective moisturizing products. That other Jack doesn’t stand a chance.