November 11, 2014 by Jack

Greeting someone when you have dry, cracked hands can upset even the best handshake. Enter new Hand & Cuticle Cream with Macadamia Nut Oil & Antioxidants!
This rich, moisturizing cream absorbs quickly into skin to soothe and protect dry, chapped hands and cuticles. 
  • Antioxidants to condition and soften skin and cuticles.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil to soften and moisturize skin.
  • Eucalyptus, a natural antiseptic, to refresh.
  • Allantoin and glycerin to soften and lubricate dry skin. 
Enjoy many of the great benefits of our popular Industrial Strength Hand Healer but with the fresh ginger-verbena aroma from our Epic Moisture collection.