August 29, 2014 by Jack

Sunglasses are not complex devices. And yet, at some point this summer, one or all of the handful of things that can break or bend, will. Here are a few tips to help you extend the life of your favorite pair. 
Bent Frames 
For plastic frames, you’ll need heat. You can try dropping them in near-boiling water for a minute and then bending them back to their proper shape. But if your shades weren’t purchased at a gas station, you’ll probably want to take them to a professional. Metal frames are a safer fix. Grab a soft cloth and a pair of needle-nose pliers, wrapping the cloth around the bent section and clamping the pliers on the bend. Lay the shades on a flat surface to check your progress. 
Loose Screws 
Prevention is key. If you don’t have a tiny screwdriver set, purchase one—the frustration saved is worth the price. Tighten the screws periodically and you shouldn’t run into problems. If you happen to lose a screw while you’re out, slip a staple through the hole. Slide it through, bend the ends around and it will hold for the rest of the day and possibly longer. 
Scratched Lenses 
You’ve got options. First, there are products actually made to get out scratches such as Armor Etch. Then there are half a dozen things laying around your home that can work in a jam. Try a microfiber lens cloth spritzed with Lemon Pledge, toothpaste on a cotton ball (make sure it’s the plainest of plain toothpastes—no whitening components or minty flavor crystals), baking soda and water (two parts soda, one part water) or car wax. Here’s the thing about sunglasses: Everything that can go wrong, will, but everything that can go wrong can also be fixed.