August 13, 2014 by Jack

When pushing your limits, you are bound to get knocked down sometimes. It happens. 
But using our Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue Silver Gel can ease the pain, prevent infection and minimize scarring. Silver is antimicrobial, which means it physically kills bacteria and bacterial mutations, including those that become drug resistant. Plus, it is effective in killing fungus, mold and other microorganisms. Keep Mr. Fix It handy for those times when you need an unexpected quick fix: 
For the cyclist. 
When descending after a long climb the slightest road crack or tire rub from a drafter can send you flying over your handlebars. The compact Mr. Fix It tube can be kept in your jersey or saddle bag for easy access to apply to scrapes and cuts, easing pain and kick starting the healing process. 
For the golfer. 
Although you may never slice, a sloping fairway can send your ball rolling into an area of swampy muck. The bugs and pests down there have no golf etiquette and will attack even in the midst of your backswing. A small dab of Mr. Fix It can relive that itchy distraction, leaving you to focus on your par-saving putt. 
For the fungal footed. 
For those with athlete’s foot, Mr. Fix It should be applied to the infected area and left to dry. This product has proven to be an effective treatment, outperforming other athlete’s foot remedies. 
For the hunter and fisherman. 
You never know what you’ll run into in the wilderness. If you are packing up for a  fly fishing trip  make sure to throw Mr. Fix It in your tackle box to cover any unforeseen hooking mishaps. 
For the rest of us. 
 Use Mr. Fix It for any number of conditions, including your kid’s scraped knee, cold sores, blemishes, blisters, sunburns and a slew of others.