July 9, 2014 by Jack

Telluride, Colorado, has certainly earned its reputation as a festival town: bluegrass, balloons, blues, brews, wine and even a Nothing Day Festival when there isn’t a festival. How about that? But Telluride doesn’t need the allure of a special occasion to make it a breathtaking summer getaway. The former silver mining camp tucked away along the San Miguel River in the western San Juan Mountains is an unqualified natural paradise that's not only a destination for winter daredevils, but perfect for warm-weather adventurers.
 Hiking is ideal sightseeing at Telluride. A 1.8-mile, one-way trek gets you to the top of the stunning Bride Veil Falls, which at 365 feet is the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado. It doesn’t stop there. Jud Wiebe Trail and Cornet Falls provide gateways to a host of other hiking trails. If you're looking for a reel challenge, there are fly-fishing and rafting expeditions that take you on a watery tour of Telluride (think A River Runs Through It). Camping and backpacking along the San Juan Mountains on a multi-day excursion or just staying within the town limits at Telluride Town Park campsites also affords you the up-close, personal Telluride experience. 
After a long day of exploring and thrill-seeking, reward yourself with a hard-earned feast. Telluride has no shortage of renowned restaurants, including Floradora Saloon, a casual local favorite that has been serving up a broad array of fresh American dishes for more than 40 years. Then there’s the 9545 Restaurant & Bar on Telluride Mountain, named for its elevation, which offers elk and trout among other specialties. From upscale dining to downhill hiking, packing for a trip to Telluride can be a challenge. 
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