July 8, 2014 by Jack

a World Cup year, and summer is here. Whether you’re swept up in the world’s greatest tournament or just looking for a refreshing cocktail, chances are you’re thirsty. Might we suggest a Brazilian Caipirinha? The Caipirinha is considered Brazil’s national drink, and for good reason. It’s like an aggressive mojito. It’s what you’re going to want to be drinking this summer—during the World Cup and beyond. The Caipirinha (pronounced kai-pee-reen-ya), is reminiscent of an old-school daiquiri, with a South American twist. Whereas standard daiquiris call for white or light rum, Caipirinhas are made with cachaça. Cachaça (pronounced ka-sha-suh) is Brazil’s version of rum and is distilled from sugarcane juice. Whereas rum is distilled from molasses and is generally smooth and easy to drink, cachaça presents a bit of an edge, which sets it apart and leaves you thinking about it. A Jack Black man would appreciate cachaça. To make a Caipirinha you need only three things: lime, sugar and cachaça. Follow the recipe below to enjoy a fresh cocktail while kicking it poolside or cheering on your favorite team. Cheers! Or, as the Brazilians would say, saude! Ingredients: Half a lime 2 tsp. sugar (bonus points: raw, turbinado sugar) 2 oz. cachaça Directions: Squeeze lime into bottom of a rocks/old-fashioned glass and drop in lime. Add sugar and muddle (take some time to smell the citrus oils you’re releasing from the lime peel). Add the cachaça and stir. Finish with a handful of ice (cubed or crushed). Optional: Garnish with lime.