July 2, 2014 by Jack

Tis the season for backyard barbecues—and the pit wars. Those worthy opponents—charcoal versus propane—are ready for a few more rounds atop the searing grate. For serious grillers this is the endless topic of debate, the one that fires up every year right about this time. In this corner we have the propane gas grill, that super convenient, gadgets-galore, stainless steel-shiny instrument that cooks evenly, cleans up easily and can come with everything from bottle openers to spice racks. It cooks with odorless and colorless gas that's conveniently stored in liquid containers underneath the grill.
Gas grills account for 60 percent of all grills sold todayYou want temperature control? You want a fast start and stop? You want impressive grilling real estate? Put your money on propane. But wait a minute. Over at the other end of the backyard deck is the charcoal grill, that tried-and-true staple of barbecuing lore. 
Charcoal is all about the flavor. Because charcoal burns complex organic molecules and makes more smoke than gas, it infuses meats with a delicious, southern smoky flavor that defines grilling. The charcoal diehards don’t mind the limitations (hard to light, long to heat, no temp control) as long as they get the crispy outside, tender inside perfection every time. Whichever grilling journey you choose, always keep your cool while the flame sizzles. Protect yourself from the scorching sun with Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45. The heat should be on the grill, not your skin. 
 Oh, and never let them see you sweat. Pit Boss Antiperspirant & Deodorant will have you covered. And if, just if, the grilling gets you flustered, reach for Cool Moisture Body Lotion to turn your temperature down in a jiff. Here’s to a searing summer!