June 23, 2014 by Jack

cologne bottle has one button. You press, it sprays. Seems pretty self-explanatory until you stand in the elevator next to the guy who either broke the bottle over his head in a fit of rage or unscrewed the cap to apply. You want a light scent. Not overpowering. Someone leaning in should notice. Someone walking by on the sidewalk should not. NEVER more than one or two sprays. That said, there are two acceptable ways to apply cologne. 

 1. The Wrist to Neck 
Spray once on each wrist, then gently rub your wrists on your neck. You're done. That’s it. Some would say these are good spots because you can feel your pulse, and that makes the fragrance carry. But honestly, they work best because the skin is exposed. 
 2. The Cloud Give a pump or two out in front and then take a walk through the cloud of spray. It sounds strange, but it prevents the cologne from concentrating in any one spot. 
Bonus Tip: It is fine—even recommended—to have different scents for different occasions. A good rule of thumb is lighter, brighter, more citrusy fragrances for day (e.g., JB Eau de Parfum) and warmer, more elegant scents for evening (e.g., Jack Black’s Blue Mark).