May 16, 2014 by Jack

The brave men and women of our military who serve and protect our country often put themselves in harm's way in the process. For this reason, they have to be in peak physical condition. Their workouts are not just for better abs or bigger biceps, their lives can actually depend on their level of fitness. The military has spent a lot of time researching what’s most effective in preparing troops for what they’ll face in the field, and it just so happens that what’s become popular and mainstream works. Let’s see how you can train like a solider and make "boot camp" work for you. 
Train Movements not Muscles 
This could be the mantra of many trending workouts (think CrossFit). Training muscles in isolation is fine if you’re a bodybuilder, but it’s not going to get you over walls with a heavy pack. Sample exercises: 
 -          Kettleball squats
 -          Pull-ups 
 -          Power cleans 
Train All Angles 
Practicing bench presses, squats and curls in the controlled environment of a gym is fine, but troops in the field don’t have the luxury of straight-line movement. They’re constantly going side to side and at angles, across all kinds of terrain. They need something other than stationary movements for increasing agility and coordination, in addition to strengthening. Sample exercises:
-           Mountain climbers 
-           Single-leg push-ups 
-           Turn and lunges 
Form First 
Soldiers have to be able to control their weight and the weight of their pack and equipment. This isn’t an issue of brute strength—it’s a combination of flexibility, core strength and muscle control that comes from using proper form in every exercise. Poor form leads to more injuries, inconsistent strength gains and being the guy at the gym everyone knows has too much weight on the bar. This is all functional training, but given that your day-to-day activities might not involve carrying heavy loads through enemy fire, you can always adjust the principles to meet your needs. 
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