April 25, 2014 by Jack

There’s a lot of debate over what makes something classic. But there’s not much argument over what is classic. A black tuxedo, the leather jacket, the 1969 Ford Boss 429 Mustang.

"Classic" is also a word applied to these leading men, who earned that designation by staying true to their own signature style. We’re not suggesting imitation. Just appreciation—and a few tips to help you define your own signature look.

Cary Grant

Neat part, clean shave. VERY clean shave. North by NorthwestCharadeAn Affair to Remember—it’s hard to find a film where even a speck of scruff appears. Facial hair is in. It’s so in that not having it can actually make you stand out. Just don’t do it halfway. If you’re going clean, go Cary Grant clean. Prep skin by exfoliating like with our Face Buff Energizing Scrub, which should give you an ideal palette to start your shave.

Clark Gable

The ’stache is back, but you won’t see many men pulling it off as well as Clark Gable. Slick hair with a tight part, mustache trimmed to perfection, and smooth and clean shaven everywhere else. If you’re not a dad or wearing skinny jeans, the mustache is still acceptable. Just make sure you’re grooming it daily. Apply some Body Building Hair Gel to keep your part tight and your mustache in check.

James Dean

Picture the first two in a leather jacket and torn jeans. Doesn’t work. Not who they were. They’d be trying too hard to not be trying. James Dean in a tuxedo? Sure, he’d of looked good, but he wouldn’t have become an icon. His scruff was his trademark. To keep your scruff up to snuff, use our MP 10 Nourishing Oil to moisturize you beard and the skin underneath.

Have a favorite look from a classic star? Share it in the comments. And remember, it’s not about imitation; it’s about appreciation. There will never be another James Dean or Cary Grant, but there also won’t be another you. So leave your own mark and make your own style—no one else is going to.