April 21, 2014 by Jack

Pick-up lines work. Sort of.

Four things will generally get you into a long enough conversation for both of you to know if there’s anything their past the introduction, and none of them involve tired legs or falls from heaven. 

Look Your Best (like, actually try) 
 Whatever your look, your style, your standard—hold yourself to it. Confidence comes from knowing you’re at your best. If you’re not sure what your best is, start with the basics:


Hair should look something like it did the day you left your barber/stylist. If it's not cooperating, try our Body Building Hair Gel. It adds volume, control and shine for a more polished look.

Facial hair should be in check. If you’re going for clean-shaven, try Beard Lube to get a clean, close and razor burn-free shave. Even stubble should look intentionally accidental, so keep your neck and cheeks well maintained. Beards need to be groomed, too. Tame flyaways with beard oil such as our MP 10 Nourishing Oil, which also works to condition dry ends.

Smell good enough to get close to. That means clean and maybe a hint of cologne, like JB Eau de Parfum. Just remember, too much of a good thing is still too much.

OverdressIt’s always better to be the best-dressed man in the room than the worst. You can loosen a tie or take off a jacket. You can’t turn a t-shirt into a button-down.

Make Eye Contact 
Try to make eye contact before you ever say hello. And if you manage to catch her gaze, hold it long enough that she knows you’re looking. Not “I’ve been awkwardly watching you all night and am still staring at you” long but “hey, there” long. This shows you aren’t afraid to let her know you’re interested. You don’t have to sprint over right then, but she’ll remember once the moment comes to say hello. 
 If you’re in a bar, there are a thousand distractions. Show her they don’t matter. Don’t just nod and smile—ask questions and listen to her responses. If you’re not interested in her responses, don’t pretend. Just say it was nice to meet her and move on. 
The Best Accessory 
Introducing yourself to a beautiful woman is all about confidence. And while good grooming and a decent haircut won’t hurt your chances, we don’t sell products that help make you a better listener. Techniques for communicating confidence are irrelevant unless the confidence is there. If it is, all you really need is, “Hi, I’m Jack.” P.S. If you have a best or worst pick-up line you’d like to share, leave it in the comments. Even mediocre ones are acceptable.