April 8, 2014 by Jack

Every man is born with one good suit (yep, the birthday one), so at some point it makes sense to think about the condition you want it to be in as you age. And like saving for retirement, eating healthy and just about everything else that seemed less important in your 20s, the earlier you start taking care of your skin, the better. 
Typically, as you age, your skin gets drier, looser and starts showing spots. Some of this is predetermined by genetics, but there are a few basic steps you can take, outside of a healthy diet and exercise, to make sure you’re aging well and not just aging.
Prevention is the Best Medicine 
First, keep UV rays out. You know this. If you’re going to do one thing to take years off, it should be keeping layers on and keeping areas that are exposed to the sun protected with sunscreen. 
 Second, keep moisture in. Your skin has been through decades of exposure to the elements, and as you get older, production of natural moisturizing oils starts to slow. Using a daily moisturizer on your face and body supplements production and helps keep your skin looking youthful. 
Tools for the Job: MP10 Nourishing OilExtra Rich Body Hydrator and Clean Cream Body Wash covers all your moisture needs 
These are the Second Best Medicines 
Your skin’s condition is the product of your genetics and a lifetime of decision-making. If some of those decisions haven’t been the best, now is the time to restore and repair. And for those of you who are ahead of the curve on prevention, these products will help you keep the aging process in check. 
To sum up—you can’t change your genes, and you can’t fight Father Time, but you can nod politely and tell him to wait.