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Jamie Sadlowski

Age: 28
Sport: Professional Long Driver
Residence: Alberta, Canada


Find success in everything you do.

-Jamie's Motto

Jamie Sadlowski is a Professional Long Driver from Canada. With a personal best of 445 yards, Jamie is one of the longest drivers in the world and has achieved several impressive records during the course of his career. In 2005 and 2006, Jamie won back-to-back World Long Drive Junior Championships and went on to win the professional World Long Drive Championship in 2008 with a drive of 418 yards. He then won the championship again in 2009.

He is able to achieve vast lengths when competing, which some say is due to his unique flexibility and lean body that helps him get into positions that others can’t. When Jamie is about to compete, he maintains full focus by turning off his phone and visualizing how he is going to compete that day. Jamie continues to make his mark on the unique sport as a fierce competitor as well as a sought after entertainer.

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