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Conrad Anker

Age: 53
Sport: Professional Alpinist
Residence: Bozeman, MT


be good. be kind. be happy

-Conrad's Motto

Conrad Anker is a professional and internationally recognized climber who has traveled the globe to climb some of the most expansive mountain ranges. In 1997, he and 2 others climbed Rakekvien, a 2,500-foot wall in Queen Maud Land in Antarctica. This climb led to international recognition as well as his first National Geographic article and film. In 2012, Conrad had the unique opportunity to lead an educational and research-based expedition with The North Face, National Geographic, The Mayo Clinic, and Montana State University on his third summit of Everest. He has been involved in the making of several documentaries and just finished one that follows him and his team to the summit of Mount Meru in India. The film, Meru, won the Sundance Documentaries Audience Award in 2015.

Conrad is captain of The North Face Athlete team and uses this platform to encourage climbers from all backgrounds to consider the environment and the effects that humans have on it. When he is not on an expedition, Conrad spends time with his family and relaxes with a good book and cup of tea.

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