August 21, 2020 by Jack


You know, once your hair comes out of your scalp, it’s dead. Yep. Dead. So, yeah, it’s sort of amazing that it can require so much time and attention.

At Jack Black®, we’ve found that one of the first things people notice about a man is his hair. And whether you have a mane, curls, waves, short and efficient, it needs to look good with or without a ballcap.

Truth is, a lot of men deal with things like an abundance of oil or product buildup, thinning hair, no hair, and even the occasional wild hair. That’s why we’ve designed a complete line of hair care products that are actually created to make your hair look healthy and cared for–and yes, maybe even a little thicker.

If thinning hair haunts you, our True Volume Thickening Shampoo has a propriety thickening complex called Expansion Technology plus a bodybuilding blend of botanicals. It’s designed to help hair look and feel thicker. And, P.S., it’s the #1 Men’s Hair Shampoo.*

Follow that up with Jack Black’s Nourishing Hair & Scalp Conditioner and you have the perfect combination for healthy, hydrated hair. And by the way, you’ve chosen the #1 Men’s Hair Conditioner.*

If two steps is one too many (we get it), try Jack Black’s Double-Header® Shampoo & Conditioner–an all-in-one duo that removes oil and product buildup while lightly conditioning, detangling, and soothing the scalp.

If your hair always looks its best right after a cut, that’s probably because your barber (or stylist for those of you who go that route) uses styling products. Yes, we saw that eyeroll–but this is really a lot easier than you think.

Whether you want to smooth it, style it, or stand it on end, you can make your hair look the way you want it to. All you have to remember is:

Pomade is great for thick, coarse, or curly hair. It keeps your hair in place and keeps it looking healthy. Jack Black has two great choices:

Clay Pomade offers buildable control and strong, natural hold with a matte finish. It’s ideal for adding texture, definition, or to sculpt hair into place.

Wax Pomade offers pliable hold and a natural-shine finish. Use it to control frizz or smooth hair into a desired style. BONUS: Perfect for conditioning and taming beard and mustache hairs.

Gel is great for straighter, fine, or thinning hair. It gives hair a bit of texture and good hold. Again, depending on how much hold you want–and how little crunch and texturizing you want–we have choices: Sleek Finish Texture CreamBody-Building Hair Gel, and Hard Body Sculpting Hair Gel.

Whatever your hair needs, you’ll find it at Jack Black®. Because the #1 Men’s Skincare Brand* also happens to be the #1 Men’s Hair Care Brand.*

*Based on data from The NPD Group/U.S. Prestige Beauty Total Measured Market, January-December 2019.