May 2, 2017 by Jack

Although sitting through an hours-long graduation ceremony is a feat in itself, your grad deserves his due for closing the book on this chapter of his life.

It’s only natural for your next thought to be, “Congrats, bud. Now how’s that job search going?” But we have a suggestion to help you ease into that conversation with a tad more nuance. Get him the products that will help him make the most of his first impression to his future boss.

Think of it as an opportunity to encourage your grad to develop the kind of habits that will help him transition into adult life. Because, as he will soon find, the days of care packages with candy bars, mac-n-cheese packets, cheap razors, and drugstore shave cream are over.

Gifts for your grad — in levels of recognition ranging from “Standing Ovation” to “Slow Clap.” (They can’t all be students.)

No. 1 Classic Shave System

All the tools your grad needs to get the perfect shave every time — including the new 5-Blade Razor.

No. 2 Bump-Free Shave System

If ingrown hairs make him shudder when he thinks about shaving, this system’s perfect for him. Treats unsightly bumps that can make shaving a nightmare — including the new 5-Blade Razor.

Beard Grooming Kit

No chance he’ll consider chopping off that beard? Here’s everything he needs to cleanse, shape, condition, and style with this four-step beard grooming routine.

Skin Essentials Set

Help his best face forward look better. Designed to work quickly and effectively, this set of four essential products is all any guy needs for healthier-, better-looking skin.