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Stop Using Bar Soap as a Facial Cleanser

We love multi-functional products as much as the next guy, but we should get one thing straight: that chalky, pastel-colored bar soap is not ideal for facial cleansing. And that’s putting it mildly. Bar soap can be great for removing oily buildup and odor-causing bacteria on, over, and around your hot spots, but the ingredients you use to de-funk your junk do not a proper facial cleanser make.

Many soaps and body wash formulas strip your face of needed moisture, which can lead to an over-production of oil, and most brands include harsh surfactants, fragrance, and colorants that can irritate sensitive skin. Picking the right cleanser for your skin type will help you stay on top of blemishes and breakouts and improve your shave routine by removing the pore-clogging dirt and oil that can cause razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Look at the following options to find the right cleanser for your skin type:

Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Recommended for: Oily, Combination, Normal skin types

Safe for: All skin types

Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser’s formula includes a smart balance of Vitamin E, plant extracts, minerals, and powerful exfoliants to effectively remove dirt and oil without completely stripping your skin of needed moisture. This multi-functional formula contains Kaolin clay to draw out dirt and helps control oiliness, while the volcanic ash works to restore, repair, and smooth skin. Apply to problem areas like your nose or chin and let dry for five minutes for a deep-down purifying mask.

Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser

Recommended for: Normal, Dry/Sensitive skin types

Safe for: All skin types

Prepping your skin with a gentle two-in-one cleanser and toner like Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser leaves your skin clean, hydrated, and fresh by harnessing the power of natural ingredients, including Organic Chamomile and Aloe Leaf that help to soothe and oat-and coconut-derived, sulfate-free surfactants that work to cleanse. The plus side? Our formula won’t irritate or dry out dry or sensitive skin.

Face Buff Energizing Scrub

Recommended for: Normal, Combination skin types

Safe for: All skin types

Face Buff Energizing Scrub effectively cleanses the face and clears the way for an easier shave by smoothing the surface of your skin. This deep-cleaning pre-shave cleanser and scrub contains 100% biodegradable scrubbing particles that remove dirt and dead skin cells for healthier-looking skin and fewer ingrown hairs after shaving.

Pro tip: Use our Power Peel Multi-Acid Resurfacing Pads on your face and neck two to four times a week (ideally, post cleansing before bed) to unclog pores and to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.



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