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Great Gifts for the Well-Groomed Grad


The perfect gift for your grad should impart wisdom and well wishes for future endeavors, but the gift should also reflect his personality, his hopes and ambitions, his experiences. You should also consider it an opportunity to encourage your grad to develop the kind of habits that will help him transition into adult life. Because as he will soon find, the days of care packages with candy bars, mac-n-cheese packets, cheap razors and drugstore shave cream are over.

For the overachiever who’s destined for greatness: He’s put everything he had into the last four years, and his grades and honors reflect just that. He’ll be sporting three-piece suits and attending C-suite meetings in no time, and he’ll need to look the part. Grab your grad the Ultimate Skin-Friendly Shave™ Super Set—whose contents include our German-engineered Double Edge Safety Razor and Pure Performance Shave Brush® with our Supreme Cream Triple Cushion® Shave Lather—so he can get the closest shave ever, every day.

For the grad with incurable wanderlust: Graduation day or not, he couldn’t be bothered to forgo his shorts and flip-flops for a shirt and tie, and all he can think about during the ceremony is how many new stamps he’ll get in his passport. If your grad’s post-college plans start and end with “Europe,” the least you can do is make sure he packs his First Class Five Travel Set. That way you can be sure he has what he needs to stay clean and refreshed no matter where he ends up.

For the grad who won’t even consider shaving off his beard: Styles change, trends come and go, but this grad’s beard is here to stay. Luckily, proper care for your grad’s beard isn’t complicated or time-consuming. Grab him the Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit: the kit includes All-Over Wash to keep his beard feeling and smelling clean; Beard Lube® to maintain clean lines; Beard Oil to provide natural shine to facial hair while nourishing skin underneath; and Jack Black’s handcrafted beard comb to help your grad tame his beard and avoid that me-against-the-wilderness look.

For the grad you’re so proud of, you’d buy him a yacht if you could: He made it four years without getting in serious trouble. He opted for an engineering degree instead of following his (ex) girlfriend’s advice to follow his passing interest in drama, and ultimately, you want to show him how proud you are of the man he’s become. That’s a pretty tall order, but getting your grad the Jack Black Super Set is a pretty solid start. Filled with 15 of our best-selling products, this set comes packaged in a handsome, hand-woven box made from leaves of the Pandan tree, native to Asia—the perfect gift for a grad who’s going places.

When deciding on your grad’s gift, shoot for practical gifts that prove you’re thinking about them; they make a much more lasting impression than a check or a wad of gift cards. Stick to what’s listed here and know that your grad will ease through this rite of passage and emerge well-equipped for his jump into the real world—thanks in no small part to you.

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