November 4, 2015 by Jack

The time has come to rest your razor and start working on that chin curtain. Because Gentleman, No-Shave November is BACK. Now, you might all be worrying about the dreaded days/weeks leading up to the full on beard, but fear not for we have some valuable tips to help make growing pains a thing of the past. 

Grooming: Imagine your face is your front lawn. Yes, this is a strange analogy but bear with us and put the mower in storage. If you had a thick layer of gravel over your lawn it’d be much more difficult for your grass to grow. The same goes for your face; but in this case, it’s the dirt and dead skin that keeps the hair from punching through. Keep your face clean and your beard cleansed on a consistent basis to create the best environment for it to flourish. We have a new Beard Grooming Kit that will provide all that you need.

Exercise: Exercise is not only great for your health but also your beard. It may seem strange, but when you work out your testosterone levels increase. Testosterone is a steroid hormone from a group called androgen that is linked to things like muscle growth and strength, your voice dropping a few octaves during puberty, and hair growth. An increase in testosterone could lead not only to a healthier body but also to more hair growth. By increasing your exercise, it will help with blood circulation, which carries the needed proteins and vitamins to your hair follicles.

Diet: Feed the beard. Not literally, but do maintain a healthy diet of protein and fats. Your hair itself is made partially of protein and is coated in oils and fats. Therefore, a diet rich in protein from meat, beans, fish, eggs, and other sources can help stimulate the growth. Taking in protein and fat can result in an increase in testosterone as well. Though they are delicious and hard to pass up with the holidays inching closer, put down the sweets and step back. Sugars can weaken your hair follicles and that goes against everything we’re trying for here.

Rest: Lack of sleep can mean a decrease in testosterone levels, and as we now know we need testosterone to help our bodies and hair continue to grow and strengthen. It was found that if you’re getting 5 hours or less of sleep each night then your testosterone levels could drop as much as 15% according to research by the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2011. Bottom line is you need sleep to stay healthy and function, and so does your hair. 

Genetics is going to be the major factor in hair growth, and unfortunately Jack Black can’t help you there. But, the list we provided will make for the most optimal conditions for your hair to grow faster, fuller, and thicker. Best of luck men, may your beards be mighty this No-Shave November.