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Pick Your Pomade

Hair Pomade

Picking the right pomade can be confusing and often feels like you need a guide to identify the right product for you.  With our new pomade collection, we took out all of the guesswork. Each pomade is clearly labeled with the shine and hold you can expect.

Here is simple guide to help you find the pomade that will work best for you.

Hair Pomade Chart

High Shine, High Hold
Ideal for dramatic side parts and sculpted pompadours. 
Creates a sleek, lacquered shine and heavy-duty, long-lasting hold—all you need to get the Don Draper ‘do.

Natural Shine, Flexible Hold
Great for over-curly and short & clean styles. 
Best used to control fly-aways, polish frizz and hold any signature style in place. Also perfect for beard and mustache control.

Matte Finish, Strong Hold
Use to create a textured and/or messy style. 
The pomade’s clay form delivers a lasting, natural-looking hold that is ideal to add texture, piecey-definition or sculpt hair into place.


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