August 11, 2014 by Jack

For some, the ritual of shaving can be an exercise in torture. A painful, flesh-pulling, bloody mess. Okay, that might be tad gory, but every guy has had a speck of toilet paper plastered to his face after a run-in with an errant blade. Fortunately, common shaving problems have some easy solutions. 
  Razor Burn 
  Causes: Dull razors, dry skin or pressing too hard 
  • Always make sure you have a sharp blade. Use Jack’s Double Edge Razor, and clean and sanitize your razor to keep it sharp longer.
  • Not many sensations are more cringe-worthy than shaving un-lubed skin. Brush on Supreme Cream or Beard Lube to lift those whiskers for a smoother shave.
  • Check your technique. Check the angle you’re using, and let the weight of the Double Edge Razor do the work.
Bumps and Ingrown Hairs 
 Causes: Hairs that never grow out of the skin or curl and grow back into the skin 
  • Shave after showering, when your whiskers are softer. Swipe with the grain of the hair, which promotes a closer shave. Do not pull your skin taut, as this produces bumps, and try to use the fewest number of strokes. Cleaning your blade after each stroke clears out clogs that could prevent the blade from making clean cuts. Use tweezers to pull out ingrown hairs you can reach.
  • Try Bump Fix to clear up bumps and provide post-shave relief.
Nicks and Cuts 
Causes: Cuts on patches of skin or blemishes
  • Adhere to the advice above to avoid nicks entirely.  
  • Stop bleeding by using ice to shrink the blood vessel (the one time shrinkage is a good thing). Alternatives such as eye drops or mouthwash can also stem the flow.
  • Treat with our Mr. Fix It Antimicrobial Wound Rescue Silver Gel for quick relief and scar prevention.
Stick to these simple solutions, and you’ll find your shaving routine to be a pleasant, gore-free experience.