April 18, 2014 by Jack

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock made an entire film on the topic of manscaping. If you were featured in that film, this article is not for you. When it comes to body hair grooming, it’s best to keep it simple. So, here are three guidelines to help you do just that. 
 Keep it Under Control 
 We all have a pretty good idea of where hair should and shouldn’t be, but let’s start at the top. 
 Neck | Watch your neckline. If you’re one of those guys who likes to stretch the time between haircuts, use a trimmer every couple of weeks to keep your neckline clean. Try the Jack approved Mangroomer® Professional to get that close shave in those hard to reach places. 
Eyebrows | Above your eyes—yes. Between your eyes—no. You can pluck stray hairs at home, just try not to change the shape of the eyebrow. Most barbers will also be happy to trim and thin them, so don’t be afraid to ask. 
Beard | Know your style. There’s more than one way to shape facial hair; some of those ways are wrong. The most important thing is to pay attention to the lines. Your beard should always cover your jawline, but not extend so far down that it connects with your chest hair. Using a lower number on your trimmer to create a fade and will give you a little more room for error. And using a safety razor such as the Jack Black X Muhle will give you a clean shave everywhere else. 
Upper Body |  Swim trunks are coming out which means there’s probably some hair that should be coming off. Hairy-chested look? Sure. Hairy-backed look? No. The Mangroomer® Professional is a sleek, lightweight shaver opens to 135 degrees and extends to reach every angle allowing you to easily reach all parts of the back and shoulders. 
Lower Body | We’re talking about a particular part of the lower body, and here especially, keep it simple. It’s a good idea to trim things up. It’s a bad idea to do much else. 
Keep it Healthy 
 Whatever hair you have (head or otherwise), you want it healthy. That means taking care of it with the right products. 
For Your Head |  True Volume Thickening Shampoo and Nourishing Hair & Scalp Conditioner deliver the same bodybuilding supplements to your hair (creatine and wheat protein) that you’d want for a workout, and they protect you against the oft-mentioned enemy of skin, hair and youth—the sun.
For Your Facial Hair |  MP10 Nourishing Oil with Argan, Organic Marula & Grape Seed Oils provides 10 multi-purpose benefits for your skin and hair. Specifically, it helps improve shine and reduce frizz, and it works perfectly as a leave-in conditioner. And that’s it. No manscaping. Just routine maintenance leading to a stress-free summer by the pool.