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Extra Rich Body Hydrator + MP 10™ Nourishing Oil

Extra comfortable skin with Jack Black body hydrator and nourishing moisturizer combo

Here’s a tip: our Extra Rich Body Hydrator + MP 10™ Nourishing Oil = comfortable, moisturized skin. This combination is packed with hydrating oils and butters and provides heavy duty moisture.

Apply a few drops of MP 10™ Nourishing Oil to your face or body, this lightweight, quick-penetrating blend of 10 natural oils infuses skin with intensive moisture. Then apply Extra Rich Body Hydrator a rich, yet lightweight body lotion that incorporates Shea and Capuacu Butters in a unique Sheer Butter Complex to offer intensive hydration to skin without feeling heavy or greasy. The combination of these products botanical oils and advanced technology delivers long-lasting, rich moisture with a lightweight feel for all-day hydration and a a healthy, improved appearance.

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