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Razor & Brush Stand

Designed by MÜHLE®, the same expert craftsmen who developed our new Double Edge Safety Razor and Shave Brush, this classic weighted chrome shave stand allows the shave accessories to hang downward to dry and creates a beautiful display for these German Engineered masterpieces. The durable chrome finish never rusts or dulls and is suitable for any bathroom surface.
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11/18/2013 by Steve

I just received my shave stand in the mail today. If it really will never rust, it is definitely worth the price. I've gone through many stands and they all rust. Plus on top of not rusting its beautiful to look at. Well worth the buy. And it holds my razor without falling off the stand if bumped unlike other stands.

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Too Expensive

10/08/2013 by Fas

It's good but is too expensive for the value it provides.

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