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JB Eau de Parfum

Inspired by the iconography of the American man, JB Eau de Parfum is a distinctive, handcrafted, uniquely masculine scent. Building on the authentic, masculine spirit of Jack Black, natural notes reminiscent of a comfortable grooming past are mingled with unique, exotic aromas to create a complex, modern, wearable fragrance. The result is a seamless integration of fine fragrance and grooming.
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What's In It?
How & When to Use?
+ Vibrant Tangerine combines with the spiciness of Black Pepper to create a sparkling, energetic top note.
+ The signature heart fuses clean Eucalyptus and exotic Tiger Orchid with clear notes of Elemi Coeur and blooming Geranium.
+ A warm base of smokey Papyrus, Black Amber and Blonde Woods provide lingering, sensual comfort.
+ Contains 18% essential oils, which gives JB Eau de Parfum long-lastingness on skin.
Apply to pulse points on the sides of neck and wrists.

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03/02/2014 by Ntoner

Wears off quick but the scent is insanely original and fresh. People will ask you what you are wearing because this does not smell like any of the designer colognes out there

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JB Besst

04/27/2014 by JB Besst

very distinct fragrance! Bought it at the Boulders, and my lady really liked the smell... rivals Cartier, Hermes and Ferragamo... nice spice and tangarine! JB says AOK to JB!

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