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Double Edge Safety Razor

Celebrate the tradition, precision, and comfort of authentic wet shaving with this German engineered, hand crafted Double Edge Safety Razor. It provides superior glide with less skin irritation and less cost than a multi-blade cartridge. The Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor features an extended length handle for a better grip and custom-etched chrome accents that never dull or tarnish. One Double Edge Blade is included.

Key Benefits:
+ Superior glide and closeness with less irritation
+ Minimized pressure, preventing razor burn & bumps
+ 1/5 the cost of cartridge refills

About MÜHLE:

In its 65 years of producing fine shaving tools, MÜHLE has gained expertise and knowledge that set it apart from its competitors. Unlike other suppliers, MÜHLE has an in-house manufacturing operation, where metal and acrylic parts are crafted using exacting quality standards. Manufacturing expertise has been passed from one generation to the next, since the company was founded more than six decades ago. Today, the manufacturing team is composed of highly skilled craftsmen, many whose parents worked with our grandfather doing the same quality of production.

The equipment used to design and craft the MÜHLE manufactured shaving tools has been specially adapted from precision equipment originally used in the manufacture of jewelry and high end writing instruments. So, the attention to detail, whether in the lathing of the handle or plating of the metal parts, is second to none.

NOTE: Jack Black does not sell replacement blades.
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What's In It?
How & When to Use?
+ Double Edge Safety Razor
+ One blade
1) The secret to the skin-friendly shave starts with proper preparation of the skin and whiskers. Ensure skin is clear of dirt and debris by using Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser or Face Buff Energizing Scrub. Moisten the beard area and lather thoroughly using the Jack Black Shave Brush with Supreme Cream Triple Cushion® or Beard Lube® Conditioning Shave.

2) Before making initial contact with the skin, place the razor perpendicular to the face, allowing the curved top of the razor head to come in contact with the skin. Then slowly lower the razor handle to the proper 30-degree shaving angle. This will help prevent nicks and cuts upon initial contact.

3) While shaving, focus on taking shorter, lighter strokes in the direction the whiskers grow.
No added pressure is needed when shaving with a double edge razor. The weight of the tool is ideal to properly remove whiskers without damaging the skin. Focus on reducing hair vs. removing hair with each stroke. This will allow for gentler pressure and less irritation.

4) Rinse the razor head as it becomes filled with debris and after shaving. Use both sides of the blade before rinsing for a faster shave. For best shaving results, replace the blade after 5 shaves or once a week.

Customer Reviews

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Love the Wet Shave

01/02/2014 by SuperGriz

I have been shaving for years with the Gillette multi blade shavers like the Mach3 and the Fusion. I have increasingly grown sensitive to blade shaving. I tried electric shavers with screens and floating heads, but nothing seemed to do the trick. Then I read that most dermatologists do not recommend someone with sensitive skin shaving with a razor with more than 2 blades. In fact they recommend the old safety razor. I thought that was a bunch of bunk, but I took a chance. My first two shaves with the Jack Black were not quality shaves, but then I adjusted to the different technique of the safety razor. Now (with the aid of a few Jack Black products) my face doesn't feel like a raw piece of meat after I complete my shave. And the Jack Black (Muhle) shaver is a finely crafted piece of equipment. Good job, Jack Black. You continue to impress me with your products. I know this sounds like they paid me to write this review, but they didn't. To say the least, I am a huge Jack Black fan.

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